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Self Reflection (Day 2 - Telugu)

Key Proposals discussed

  • The needs of the Body cannot be fulfilled by Right Understanding, Right Feelings

  • The needs of the Self cannot be fulfilled by Physio-Chemical Things

  • Both type of needs have to be understood separately

  • Both type of needs have to be fulfilled separately

  • Happiness - The state/situation is which I live, if there is harmony/synergy in it, then I like to be in the state or situation” i.e. “to be in the state of liking is”

  • Wealth is physical thing. Prosperity is a feeling of having more than required (physical facilities); it is not just physical facilities

Activity - 1

  1. Find out –

    • How much physical facility (to protect, nurture and right utilisation) is required in your family;?

    • How much physical facility is available?

    • On that basis are you feeling prosperous or deprived?

Activity – 2

  • Explore the proposals about happiness and prosperity. Find out if they hold true for you or not

  • Identify the various things that bring happiness to you. Sort them by the longevity of happiness. (Short term Happiness, Long term happiness and Continuous happiness)

Activity – 3

After watching each video, think about what you might want to do differently from today onwards and write a reflection note for each video. 1_rZk14NQRu4X4jsIIH&index=3 m1_rZk14NQRu4X4jsIIH&index=4


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