Self Reflection (Day 1 - Telugu)

Key Proposals discussed

  • Basic aspiration of a human being is happiness and prosperity- its continuity

  • To fulfill basic aspiration, Right Understanding, Relationships and Physical facilities are required.

  • Transformation is Development of human consciousness from a level where only physical facility is everything to a level where all three (Right Understanding, Relationships and Physical Facilities) are essential

  • Right Understanding only will lead to continuous happiness and prosperity.

Activity - 1

  • Prepare a detailed list of wants, desires and wishes that you have. Make it as elaborate as possible even if it runs into multiple pages.

  • Try to write at least two pages. For each desire try to identify what “basic desire” or “need” it is fulfilling.

  • Keep it with you. In the next class we will use this list to discuss few important concepts.

Activity - 2

Do a critical evaluation of your priority, time, effort, energy allocated for:

    1. Physical facilities - 2. Relationships - 3. Right understanding.

Activity – 3

Keep an eye on the language you are using and your mode of listening.

Activity – 4

Please watch these videos