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Self Reflection (Day 2 - Telugu)

Key Proposals discussed

  • The needs of the Body cannot be fulfilled by Right Understanding, Right Feelings

  • The needs of the Self cannot be fulfilled by Physio-Chemical Things

  • Both type of needs have to be understood separately

  • Both type of needs have to be fulfilled separately

  • Happiness - The state/situation is which I live, if there is harmony/synergy in it, then I like to be in the state or situation” i.e. “to be in the state of liking is”

  • Wealth is physical thing. Prosperity is a feeling of having more than required (physical facilities); it is not just physical facilities

Activity - 1

After watching each video, think about what you might want to do differently from today onwards and write a reflection note for each video.

Activity - 2

Find out –

  1. How much physical facility (to protect, nurture and right utilisation) is required in your family;

  2. How much physical facility is available?

  3. On that basis are you feeling prosperous or deprived? 

Activity – 3

  1. Explore the proposals about happiness and prosperity. Find out if they hold true for you or not

  2. Identify the various things that bring happiness to you. Sort them by the longevity of happiness. (Short term Happiness, Long term happiness and Continuous happiness) 1_rZk14NQRu4X4jsIIH&index=3 m1_rZk14NQRu4X4jsIIH&index=4