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Self Reflection (Day 3 - Telugu)

Activity - 1

After watching each video, think about what you might want to do differently from today onwards and write a reflection note for each video


Activity – 2 (Assurance on Intent)

Pick a situation where you had a negative experience in an interaction- and you felt angry, irritated or some opposition. Examine your behaviour & reactions through lens of intention vs competence, expectation, communication & empathetic responses.
Few questions to help your reflection –

  • What was the situation?

  • Who was the person involved?

  • How did I react?

  • What was the impact on the person?

  • What was my assumption about his/her intention?

  • Which expectation of mine did it not meet?

  • What do I know about their competence in this area?

  • What does my response tell me about my competence?

  • How could I have responded with greater responsibility & empathy?


  1. గొడవ జరిగిన సందర్భం ఏమిటి, అక్కడ పరిస్థితి ఏమిటి?

  2. గొడవ ఎవరెవరికి మధ్య జరిగింది?

  3. నేను ఎలా స్పందించాను or  react అయ్యాను?

  4. అవతలి వారిపై దాని ప్రభావం ఏమిటి?

  5. అవతలి వారి ఉద్దేశ్యం పట్ల మీ మాన్యతలు ఏమిటి ?

  6. మీరు ఎక్సపెక్ట్ చేసింది ఏమి జరగలేదు?

  7. అవతలి వారి సామర్థ్యం గురించి మీ అవగాహన ఏమిటి?

Activity - 3

Keep an eye on the language you are using and your mode of listening.
Check if that language is complementary and adding value to the situation (sarthak bhasha)
Causing disturbance and escalating the issue/problem in your relationships. (Nirarthakabhasha)