Self Reflection (Day 4 - Telugu)

Activity - 1 (Respect – Right Evaluation)

  1. What is the basis of respect?

  2. Is it on the basis of the self (I) or body?

  3. Take 10 people you respect. Observe your interaction with others: Is your evaluation of the other: right evaluation, over evaluation or otherwise evaluation?

  4. Are you also evaluating yourself?

  5. Is your own evaluation the right evaluation, over evaluation or otherwise evaluation?

  6. What is naturally acceptable – to differentiate or to relate, to be complimentary?

Activity - 2 (Respect – Attraction, attention Vs Respect from others)

In our real life, what is expected from others?

Would we give respect (express) to other based on

  • the car, phone, dressing, makeup etc that they have

  • how rich they are

  • what position/post they are in or more educated (more and higher degrees) they are

  • what community, religion/caste they are from and tradition/customs they follow

  • how they behave/attitude/character

  • Or based on understanding that everyone is like me and everyone needs to be respected?

What is naturally acceptable to me? Respect everyone/all or respect based on differentiation like above? What is it that we are doing in our real life?

Activity – 3

Keep an eye on the language you are using and your mode of listening.

Check if that language is complementary and adding value to the situation (sarthak bhasha)


Causing disturbance and escalating the issue/problem in your relationships. (Nirarthakabhasha)

Activity – 4

After watching each video, think about what you might want to do differently from today onwards and write a reflection note for each video. (Must do activity)