Self Reflection (Day 5 - Telugu)

Activity - 1 (Affection)


Do I accept other unconditionally?

Few questions to help your reflection –

  • ·Did I chose my relationship or its already there?

  • ·Whose responsibility is to ensure relationship and its acceptance?

  • ·Why am I not able to accept the other person unconditionally?

  • ·Why do I have jealousy/hatred towards other person even though I naturally want to acceptance of relationship?

Activity - 2 (Care and Guidance)

Reflect on these questions on care and guidance:

  • ·What is my responsibility towards my children (their self and body)?

  • ·Where is my focus? Are both required and how much? Care or Guidance?

  • ·Did I assume that giving all the physical facilities is enough? And assumed that they will get all the guidance through that?

  • ·At least do I have the clarity on prosperity and right utilization on physical facility to give this as guidance to children?

  • ·Children are not listening to me? What can I do?

  • ·Why are children getting into addiction (social media, alcohol, drugs, etc)?

  • ·What can we do for children getting into addiction?

  • ·What kind of education/guidance is needed at home for children?

  • ·Teenage children and their problems? How do we address them?

  • ·Mom’s and dad’s responsibilities are different towards children?

  • ·

  • ·Care and Guidance is only for children or for others also?


Activity – 3

Keep an eye on the language you are using and your mode of listening.

Check if that language is complementary and adding value to the situation (sarthak bhasha)


Causing disturbance and escalating the issue/problem in your relationships. (Nirarthakabhasha)

Activity – 4

After watching each video, think about what you might want to do differently from today onwards and write a reflection note for each video. (Must do activity)

Balancing Advocacy and Inquiry (watch for 4 minutes)