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Happy Parenting
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Online Free Session on
Happy Parenting 
Practices that make difference
26th November (Sunday), 4-6pm

Parenting Special Session 26 Nov 2023 Swamy.jpeg
  • A special session by CHDHC on "Simple and Happy Parenting."

  • Date: 26th November 2023 (Sunday)

  • Time:4-6 pm

  • Venue: Online (Zoom)

  • Registration is Free but compulsory

  • Open to all who care for a child.

  1. CHDHC is hosting this special session to help parents guide their children to better

  2. Parenting is a joyful but at the same time, challenging responsibility. It has become more challenging in the light of higher demands on education, gadgets, exposure to social media, unhealthy environment, etc.

  3. Often, parents are clueless about specific issues of children like stubbornness, unhealthy food habits, addiction to games and gadgets, disinterest in studies, laziness, fighting with siblings, aggressive behaviour, certain special needs etc.

  4. The team members of CHDHC are themselves parents with young children. They are striving to lead a meaningful life and guide their own children accordingly.

  5. Basic ideas of the session are drawn from Jeevan Vidya's philosophy and also based on their understanding from life experiences and many other sources as well.

Registration is free but mandatory. Register Here

Online meeting links will be emailed to the registered participants only.

Contact: Vasu: 9849285628, Sreenivas: 9948885111

Email to


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