Instructions for attending Goal Setting session by Prof. Rajeev Sangal

Step by step for joining the live event:

  1. Click on this link :

  2. It takes you to the page which says install Microsoft Teams app. If you already have the app, click on "Open it". If not, click on "Get it from play store" 

  3. Once you install the app or open the app, you will reach a screen which shows "Join Meeting" option. 

  4. Click on that "Join Meeting" button, enter your name and join the session. You can see event screen and hear audio of the session.

  5. You can try even now to see if you are able to reach event page. Actual event starts from 2:45pm on Saturday Oct 31st. See you then :)


Video Guide on how to join live event if you have Microsoft Teams app already installed:

If you are still facing issues, please contact us immediately at Sreenivas @ +91 99488 85111