Upcoming Events/Workshops

We plan to organize online workshops (now because of the current pandemic) every month. We will have one online workshop every month and have been organizing 7 to 10 days workshops. If you are interested in attending or getting to know our workshops or activities (for families, societies, NGOs, corporates, teaching faculties) and updates, please keep checking and register with us

Weekly Q and A sessions:

We organize weekly Question and Answers session every Sunday from 7AM to 8AM, for those who have anything to share, any questions, reflections etc. This is only for those who have attended earlier workshops and want to know more and take it further in implementation in their lives. 

Special Sessions:

Eco-Friendly Life in a City

A session on how to understand our responsibility in living (co-existing) with nature,

9th January Saturday 3 pm to 5 pm IST. Register and more details. 

Teachers day special....

A special session by CHDHC on "Is your Child getting Right Education" from 5 to 6.30pm on Saturday, 5th Sept 2020. Very good opportunity for everyone to learn more about Holistic Education. 

We Organize workshops or small duration sessions on special topics like "Couples for Happy Married Life", "Parenting", "Environment, Nature and Existence" etc. If there is any need for such workshops, we can be contacted at the email address and contact phone number given at the bottom of our website. One such recorded video on parenting can be seen here. 

No upcoming events at the moment