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Self Reflections - Harmony in Society

Activity - 1 (What is Desirable and Where are we today?)

  • Verify on the basis of your natural acceptance if you  want to be in:

    • Families living together, in a relationship of mutual fulfillment (common goal) - Society

    • People living together, but not in relationship of mutual fulfillment (differing goals) - Crowd

    • People living separately, in opposition / struggle (conflicting goals) - Battlefield

  • Verify if I have a Role in society? Or have I taken it for granted? Or am I becoming complain box?

    • Should I become part of the problem (in family or society) or should I become part of the solution to the problem?​

    • What is my responsibility, right understanding and looking at holistic approach to the correct order or system or do a patch work (focus only on fixing the problem)?

  • What is my responsibility towards the society where I live? How much time and effort putting in development of small community where I live?  

  • Am I discussing prosperity in family and making my family involve in activities of society (local community) and nature?
  • How is my organisation (college etc.) participating in the fulfillment of the social goal?

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