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Rock Balancing

Who doesn't want to live a happy and comfortable life realizing one's full potential? There is an immediate need to work on developing human consciousness to address the above-mentioned issues. Though it seems strange, the root of all issues is the unconscious living of human beings. Unless the development of human consciousness is addressed, there will not be any sustainable solution to the problems mentioned above. We believe that whatever we do other than the development of consciousness, is patchwork, addressing the symptoms of the problem only!  

Our Programs


Jeevan Vidya / UHV Workshops

Jeevan vidya (JV) is a science of life and art of successful and harmonious living. JV deals with 'Life Management'.


Faculty Development Program

This initiative aims to prepare facilitators to teach Universal Human values components in the Student Induction Program.


Student Development Program

This initiative aims to motivate and encourage students of higher education to have a holistic vision in life and work towards excellence. 

Stall at Micro Soft -20191023-WA0054 (2).jpg
Stall at Micro Soft -20191023-WA0054 (2).jpg

Teacher Development Program

This program aims to provide skills in taking responsibility for nurturing relationships with students, and to contribute to healthy school culture.


Weekly Refresher Sessions

The weekly refresher initiative aims to help participants dive deep into the concepts during the workshop and to assist them in their daily practice.


Holistic Living Program

This initiative aims to prepare individual's well-being including mental, social, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual wellbeing.


Corporate, NGOs, Companies

This program targets to develop a holistic approach towards professional  & maintain "Work-Life Balance" among the employees of the organizations.

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Issue Based Special Sessions

This initiative aims to develop awareness in society about critical and pressing issues that are prevalent and needs immediate attention. 

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