Organize workshops/courses on Universal human values at various levels (Introductory, Intermediate and advanced levels) for the interested people in society (open to all), teaching community (Schools, colleges, and universities), NGOs, community-based organizations, corporates in residential and non-residential mode. This knowledge facilitates us to learn how to have fulfilling relationships, be valuable at work, improve decision-making, be a wonderful parent, resolve issues with a spouse, be more proactive, and many more things that make your life happy and comfortable.

  • CHDHC Project aims to work for Human and societal well-being. We support individuals to achieve harmony through inculcating universal human values education.

  • These workshops aim to build perspectives and skills related to holistic individual wellbeing. Participants recognize the importance and explore critical aspects of one’s life like Self-awareness, Self-reflection, fulfillment relationships, holistic decision making, one’s role as life partners, brothers, parents, citizens, and conflict resolution in immediate relationships, and related concepts that enable individuals to live responsible, happy, and meaningful lives.

  • During the year 2020-21, we designed and offered these workshops to 11 batches online. 1200 members completed the workshop out of 3000 registered.

  • For online workshops, participants need to attend a 1.5-hour content session in the morning and evening one-hour Q&A Session for a period of 7 to 10 days. Followed by 45 minutes of self-work using reflective exercises.

  • These workshops could attract diverse Participants from teaching communities (Schools, colleges, and universities), NGOs, community-based organizations, corporates, Students, Parents, Professionals, and the general public.