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How do I work towards Happiness, Prosperity, and fulfilling relationships?  How to live life with Love and Compassion? Why am I not happier? How can I deal with my negative feelings? How can I avoid reactive behavior and develop the ability to respond to difficult situations? Have you pondered upon these questions?


If yes, join our online workshop "Jeevan Vidya"(Universal Human Values) to explore more.

Jeevan Vidya Workshop has the potential to change your life profoundly! It is a 16-hours learning experience that seeks to focus your attention on subtle facets of your life.


  • Fulfilling individual aspirations,

  • Exploring happiness & prosperity.

  • Principles to address conflicts in relationships & develop feelings for fulfillment in relationships

  • Principles to cultivate healthy habits and bring change in one’s practice


This course is designed based on the Co-existential Philosophy, and Universal Human Values, to help parents, teachers, students, and professionals to achieve clarity in their aspirations.

Details of the Workshop

It is a 12-hours learning experience. 1.5-hour content and Q&A session in the morning for a period of 8 days. Followed by self-work using reflective exercises.

Outcome of this Workshop - As you experience this journey, you begin to see new possibilities for positive action that you can undertake. This will empower you to reduce the level of conflict in your life, and enhance fulfillment and satisfaction in your relationships. 

To Register - 

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