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Self Reflections - Harmony in Nature

Activity - 1 (What is Nature? Co-existence in Nature)

  • Check whatever physical things that I use (food, air, clothing, house, water, metals, soil, trees, plants, animals) where they are come from? Do I have responsibility towards them or have I taken them for granted?

  • ​What am I? Am I also part of nature? My Body and Self both?

  • If I want to be happy at all four levels (including nature), should I have good food, clean air, water, clothing, place to live etc? Who is responsible to make them good for my happy living? Everyone else or others or myself?

  • Do I see co-existence in nature already (between material and pranic, pranic and animal, animal and material)? If so, should I also be part of the co-existence or try to get away and just become consumer, dominate, exploit? Where shall I start if I have to co-exist with nature (includes other human beings)?

  • What are my physical needs? Where do they come from? If I do not feel prosperous, do I know how what and how many physical facilities that I need? If I assume that I need unlimited physical things, do I have unlimited resources? If the size of Earth limited or unlimited?
  • What would happen if everyone in my family and society (including me) do not feel prosperous and start accumulating, exploiting other humans and nature? 

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