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Self Reflections - Right Understanding and Prosperity

Activity: Complete Day 1 activity if not done so far.

  1. Complete the activity 1 suggested on day 1. Identify the list of desires and find out what is/are needed to fulfill the same (Right Understanding - RU, Relationships - REL, Physical Facilities - PF)

  2. Also, calculate the time/effort spent towards RU, REL and PF. Conclude about your focus area.


Activity – 1 (5 Min)

Find out –

  1. How much physical facility (to protect, nurture and right utilization) is required in your family?

  2. How much physical facility is available?

  3. An on that basis are you feeling prosperous or deprived? 

Activity – 2 (5 Min)


  1. Identify the various things/activity that bring happiness to you. Sort them by the longevity of happiness. (Short term Happiness, Long term happiness and Continuous happiness)


Activity – 3 (5 Min)

  • Think of an important decision life. Look at it in the light of UHV. Would you take the same decision? What was the basis? If something was lacking, what is it? What can you do to avoid such situation in future?

  • Do this reflection about simple and routine decisions/activities of everyday like, how you talk, how you sit, how you do an activity, how do you spend time, etc. What is the basis behind these decisions?

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