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Self Reflections - Harmony in Family (Trust)

Activity – 1 (TRUST/ Assurance on Intent) [5min]

  • Pick a situation where you had a negative experience in an interaction- and you felt angry , irritated or some opposition. Examine your behaviour & reactions through lens of intention vs competence, expectation, communication & empathetic responses.

Few questions to help your reflection –

  • What was the situation?

  • Who was the person involved?

  • How did I react?

  • What was the impact on the person?

  • What was my assumption about his/her intention?

  • Which expectation of mine did it not meet?

  • What do I know about their competence in this area?

  • What does my response tell me about my competence?

  • How could I have responded with greater responsibility & empathy?

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