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Self Reflections - Harmony in Family (Respect)

Activity - 1 (Respect – Right Evaluation)

  • What is the basis of respect?

  • Is it on the basis of the self (I) or body?

  • Take 10 people you respect. Observe your interaction with others: Is your evaluation of the other: right evaluation, over evaluation or otherwise evaluation?

  • Are you also evaluating yourself?

  • Is your own evaluation the right evaluation, over evaluation or otherwise evaluation?

  • What is naturally acceptable – to differentiate or to relate, to be complimentary?

Activity - 2 

  • When do I become angry/jealousy/irritated/uncomfortable with the other person?

    • When I rightly evaluate based on purpose/goal, program (to reach the goal), potential (ability to reachthe goal)​?

    • When I evaluate based on competence with differentiation, which is based on body or physical facilities?

    • What have I been doing with the people in my family (above two) and who is suffering because of not doing the right evaluation?

    • When I see the competence of the other person and see that the other person is same as me, will I be responsible or become irresponsible? If the other has more competence, what will I do and if I have more competence than the other, what will I do?

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