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Self Reflections - Harmony in Family (Affection)

Activity - 1 (Affection - Accepting the other as my relative)

  • Check if I am in "If and Then trap". Do I have feeling that I am accepting the other person unconditionally? 

  • Do I have assurance on other person's intention and am I rightly be able to evaluate the other person's competence and my competence?

  • Did I accept that the other person has same purpose/goal, program and potential for right understanding and living? Its only the competence that is different and needs to be evaluated starting with mine.

  • Am I behaving with other person only after this evaluation of competence of mine and other and seeking guidance or guiding the other with feeling of being related?

  • How much time I am giving to improve on my competence (right understanding) that I am already related to every person in my family and society? Or am I focusing on differences (physical, emotional, constitutional, intellectual) and accepting the other person only if there are no differences (If Then Trap)?

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