Self Reflections - Care and Guidance

Activity - 1 

  •  Please try to reflect on whether you are putting enough efforts on the Guidance to ensure Right understanding and right feelings in the closest relationships.

  • What are the various activities you are doing to ensure Right understanding in yourself and your relationships?

  • Did I understand that just the way I have a body and self, they are coexisting, their requirements are different, self needs are continious and body needs are temporary and limited, my relatives also have the same requirement?

  • Did I assume that if I take care of the body of my relative, I have taken care of the person completely? Did I miss on the guidance? Which is more important/priority and need continously? 

  • Did I assume that only children needs to be taken care and guided? Am I responsible for everyone including parents, sibling in family also for the same?

  • What do I mean by giving right understanding to the other (guidance to children, parents or other family members)? Telling or explaining them or living them with our understanding and facilitating (through inspiration)?