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Self Reflections - Reverence and Glory

Activity - 1  (Reverence - Shraddha)

  • What is the feeling that I have towards people who have excelled in all levels of living (as an individual, in family, society and with nature)?

  • Do I also want to reach that level or become the person who has reached that level?

  • What effort am I putting in for the same (worship or inspiration)?

  • Have I assumed that God will take care of everything if I worship, pray for him? Do I have understanding of who is God?

  • Do I understand that the meaning of Excellence is having Right understanding at all four levels and living with that understanding? 

  • What is needed for me in living, excellence or to be special (comparing, competetion which is mostly with other person, paratanthratha)? 

  • What is the feeling of person who is excellent towards the other (sharing of feelings and understanding with relationship) and trying to help the other person to make them to reach his/her level?

  • What is the feeling of person who is trying to be special (by way of comparing, competing)? Will he help the people around him or try to push them down because of the fear of losing being special (coming first, top, appear special, get name/fame etc)?

​Activity - 2 (Glory - Gaourav)

  • What is the feeling that I have towards people who are putting efforts to reach towards excellence? Example, few people may be putting efforts in gaining knowledge, skills etc (in music, sports, literacy, service etc). 

  • Do I take help from the people who are putting efforts for the excellence or try to be jealous or feeling or opposition and try to also compete and compare with them? When will I be happy? When I compare, compete (because of jealousy) or when I feel related and try to work with them to get their knowledge/skill? 

  • Check how many people who are there around me in my family, friends, relatives, society who are putting efforts for excellence? What feelings do I have now with them? Should I be complimentary to them?


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