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Self Reflections - Gratitude

Activity - 1 (What/whom do we have to be grateful for?)

  • Take a piece of paper. In the middle draw a diagram similar to what I see

  • Make sure there is enough room around the diagram

  • I have some knowledge and skills that contribute to what am I able to do today

  • Who contributed to my acquiring these knowledge and skills, directly or indirectly?

  • Reflect on, and list all the people who contributed to making it possible

  • Push myself, make it exhaustive, remember to add indirect contributions

  • Sit for a minute in silence to absorb what I feel after the exercise

  • Many people contributed so that I could/can do what I am doing and wanting to do now

  • When I pay attention, I realise that I have a lot to be grateful for (Do I feel it)?

​Activity - 2 


  • Take a piece of paper; create the table below

  • Write down all the things you have received, or contributed to nature, society and family

  • Push yourself, make it exhaustive

  • If you are mostly focused on “what has not been done”, then,

    • You need to broaden your vision to see the entire reality, and to evaluate both “what has been done” and “what has not been done”

  • If the feeing of gratitude comes and goes, then

    • If the other has shared right understanding, right feeling as well as physical facility and you are not able to see that, then you need to pay more attention on your own understanding and your own feeling. Then your expectations will also be set right

  • (If the other has primarily shared physical facility and is expecting gratitude in continuity, then that expectation may not be fulfilled – is an over expectation)

  • If you are “expecting these feelings from the other”, then 

    • You need to make effort to ensure right understanding and right feeling in yourself. Then you would be able to live with responsibility with the other

Activity 3:

  • Think of someone who was really influential in your life

  • Write down why this person was so important

  • Sit for a minute in silence to absorb what you are feeling after the exercise

  • The expression of gratitude is completed when we express it to the person who it was meant for

  • When we recognise and feel gratitude, we feel happy. More importantly, when we express gratitude the happiness we feel increase even more significantly

  • For most people expressing gratitude can be very uncomfortable

  • So push yourself to express it, if required practice it with someone else, or in front of the mirror

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