Our Offerings

We offer workshops/lectures/courses (long term/short term) on Universal Human Values (Jeevan Vidya), Work Life Balance, Professional Ethics, etc based on the needs and kind of the community needing the same.

NOTE: Please note that we do not charge or make money through these workshops. We believe that knowledge is for free of cost. The expenses incurred for using physical facilities and for organizing the workshop can be shared.

We can offer customized workshops for Corporate companies like "Work Life Balance", "Professional Ethics", "Universal Human Values" etc. We offer these as one hour to 5 days workshops based on activities and discussions.

We offer to NGOs, Charities or general public as Jeevan Vidhya, a program to understand self and understand better living with understanding self, and through that understanding relationships, society and nature all the way till entire existence. There can be one/two/three/five or seven full day workshops that we can arrange.

Be it from Engineering, Technology and School teaching faculties, we have already been offering 3 days and 7 days Faculty Development Program (FDP) for Student Induction. This is AICTE approved program in all Engineering and Technical institutes across India and we as facilitators, supported AICTE affiliated colleges to have “Universal Human Values (UHV)” to all faculties. We have conducted in several engineering colleges in South India (AP, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu)