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Center for Holistic Development of Human Consciousness (CHDHC) is a collective, working for the inner transformation of all humans by inculcating universal human values in education
(Jeevan Vidya).

What do we do?

How does it help?

You begin to experience new possibilities that will empower you enhance fulfilment and satisfaction in your life and relationships.

Our Programs


Jeevan Vidya/

Jeevan vidya (JV) is a science of life and art of successful and harmonious living. JV deals with 'Life Management'.


Refresher Sessions

The weekly refresher initiative aims to help participants dive deep into the concepts during the workshop and to assist them in their daily practice.


Faculty Development programs

This initiative aims to prepare facilitators to teach Universal Human values components in the Student Induction Program.


Student Development Program

This initiative aims to motivate and encourage students of higher education to have a holistic vision in life and work towards excellence.