Center for Holistic Development of Human Consciousness

Center for Holistic Development of Human Consciousness (CHDHC) is a collective effort for the well being (happy and prosperous living) of all humans by inculcating universal human values education (Jeevan Vidya).

This is a project of Amma Social Welfare Association (ASWA).

"Goal Setting, Focus and Determination" for Students and Youth in English

With video clippings from "DANGAL movie"

🗓️ 31st October 2020 from 3 pm to 5 pm IST.

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The Vision

CHDHC aims to contribute to human well-being so that all are equipped with necessary competencies to live with harmony at all levels – individual, family, society and nature/existence.

The Mission

  • To form a community that is interested in exploring, about themselves, their relationship with the world and studying the possibilities to live a happy and prosperous life.

  • To disseminate proposals and insights of “Universal Human Values Education” and prepare committed facilitators to inculcate Universal Human Values in their students and Organizations.

  • To develop and facilitate necessary knowledge infrastructure (audio/video, reading materials) for Universal Human Values Education.

  • To practice lifestyles in a way by being responsible towards nature (self-sustainable).

  • To demonstrate best teaching and learning practices, integrated with Universal Human Values and influence the Formal Education system positively.

The Need

Present Concerns:

  • Individual purposelessness

  • Health & Lifestyle problems

  • Family /relationship stresses

  • Societal conflict & inequity

  • Natural imbalance

We believe that achieving the desirable state (harmony at all levels – individual, family, society and nature/existence) is possible only through the right education for every human being.

Center for Learning

Project 1: This center aims to prepare committed facilitators and teachers/faculty of educational institutes in the education system. This center also offers long term and short term workshops/courses on Universal human values through Jeevan vidya at various levels (Introductory, Intermediate and advanced) for the interested people, teaching community (Schools, colleges and universities), NGOs, community-based organizations, corporates in the residential and non-residential mode.

Project 2: Learning center aims at preparing students for life and grow emotionally, physically, socially an intellectually with personalized and adaptive education approaches. The learning center is an alternative approach to the current education system that facilitates every child to learn differently and motivates differently.